Shipping Container Transport

Northampton Road Haulage can safely transport any type of shipping container, using a HIAB truck if necessary.

Our in-house transport division allows us to deliver containers to destinations anywhere in England. We can transport any size container from small 5ft to 10ft models to larger 45ft ones. All container types can be accommodated by our standard haulage vehicles, including reefer, high cube, pallet wide, open-top, and flat rack.

We have a deep understanding of shipping container transportation and can provide haulage services from all UK ports, including Liverpool, Felixstowe & Southampton

Flat bed lorry loaded with yellow shipping container parked in front of warehouse

Transport containers with or without crane from A to B

We are available to assist you in all aspects of shipping container haulage. NRH can help with everything related to shipping container haulage, including the collection and delivery of storage containers, site accommodation, and the transportation of empty and loaded containers for shipping lines.

NRH have a variety of rigid and articulated HIAB-crane vehicles to help with domestic delivery. These vehicles are all part of a modern fleet and are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure they work efficiently and effectively.

Our drivers are all highly trained and have experience delivering to many different locations. Our drivers are skilled at delivering containers to a variety of locations, including residential streets and large construction sites. They also carry method statements and risk assessments for each job.

Our container transport capabilities

We have three main methods of hauling shipping containers.

Standard container delivery

Your container will be moved by a standard container truck equipped with a skeletal trailer. It can either transport one container (40′), two containers (20′) or one container (20′).

The offloading of the container would be your responsibility upon delivery. This is the most economical method to transport a shipping container (per mile). This option is best if you’re able to lift the container from the truck yourself (if it is left at the site), or if you can load the container safely onto the truck while it is still on the truck.

The container will then be taken to a container terminal or port that is equipped to lift the container. Usually, the driver will stay with the truck while you load the container. Once loaded, they will drive directly to the port (or final destination).

Hiab crane equipped delivery

A HIAB crane-equipped vehicle can be used to lift and deliver your shipping container. They have one crane arm.

These trucks are more expensive to operate per mile than trucks without cranes attached, but they are usually much less expensive than hiring a separate crane to lift your container off. They will typically deliver the shipping container to one side of the truck.

Sidelifter-equipped delivery

We can arrange for one our side loaders, if you don’t have a loading dock at your warehouse or distribution center to pick up your cargo. Side loaders come with built-in cranes that make them ideal for haulage. Side loaders can unload and load containers onsite without the need to use additional equipment. Containers can be transported quickly and cheaply on both ends of a journey.

Place containers on the ground will make packing and unpacking much easier and more flexible.

No matter how small or large your shipment, we can provide efficient and fast container transport from port of discharge to the destination. We demand the best service, no matter how small or large, and will always meet your requirements.

We ask for the dimensions of your shipping containers to ensure that the right technology is used for loading and unloading. If you are unable to provide the dimensions and weight, we can arrange an inspection at your location where our experts will inspect the containers. They will then prepare an estimate.

Out of Gauge – If your freight exceeds normal width, height, or weight limits, please contact us. We can transport and ship oversized cargo for you.